Colocation in the most secure and state of the art facility

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Secure, affordable, room for your growth.

As a leading internet service provider the main priority is the housing facility for the servers. Therefore a subsidiary company of WorldStream has built highly secured datacenters called Greenhouse Datacenters which have been built in accordance to TIER3 classifications. The datacenters are connected with multiple geographically separated fiber paths to our main network PoPs to prevent any interruptions.

Our services are unmanaged and affordable.

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The datacenters contain a central passive meet-me-room where the external fiber optic infrastructure enters the building via two separate paths. Connections are patched from the meet-me-room to suppliers or the customers' server racks via an internal fiber optic infrastructure.
We will keep your servers safe. Our datacenters are completely closed off, have CCTV and 24/7 staff on-site. Access is only granted via personal access cards and biometric facial recognition.
Colocation info
Cost-effective colocation
House your servers with us, so you can focus on your core business:
  • Shared 1U starting at € 29.00 p/month
  • Shared 10U starting at € 209.00 p/month
  • 46U (full private rack) starting at € 499.00 p/month
  • Private corridor (36 racks) starting at € 6999.00 p/month
Colocation services
The services below are included as standard Colocation services:
  • Access to datacenters (appointment based visits during office hours)
  • CCTV recording of the corridors
  • Assisting you with removing and placing the server for maintenance
  • Detection and solution of network problems (speed problems, package data losses, IP and gateway control)
  • KVM connection (upon request)
  • Reverse DNS processes
  • Detailed traffic, bandwidth and power consumption statistics**
  • Remote reboot and reinstallations
  • Simple hands-on support
  • 10Gbit/s DDoS Shield*
* = Only applicable on IP ranges in our network
** = Power statistics are for private racks and up


Shared racks, private racks and full corridors;
We offer the space your business needs. Inquire with our team for more information.

Green energy


Using green energy and two separate powercircuits, our datacenters make sure your servers never lose power. In case of powerfailure, UPS units and backup generators will keep you online.

Temperature control


Using fresh-air technology (95%) backed up by natural water cooling (5%), our temperature is stable and constant. On top of that, we are energy-efficient.



We will keep your servers safe. Our data center is completely closed off, has CCTV and 24/7 staff on-site. Access is only granted via personal access cards and biometric facial recognition.

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Carrier neutral and secure colocation services.
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