Custom dedicated servers

Customize the hardware to suit your needs

We build custom dedicated servers regarding your needs.

WorldStream offers custom dedicated servers from quality brands for a competitive price which you can configure to your needs.
You will be given root access to the dedicated server once payment has been received and our engineers have setup the server to your requirements.

Our custom servers are available with 100Mbit/s and 1Gbit/s full duplex speeds.
Looking for more bandwidth? Take a look at our Unmetered servers with speeds up to 100Gbit/s!

Besides the wide range of components you are able to choose from, we offer a comprehensive amount of control via the panel My WorldStream.

It is possible to upgrade or downgrade at a later time.
Please see our list of services, or contact our sales team.

Custom dedicated servers overview

In need of SSDs, PCI-E SSDs, more storage space, memory, IP addresses or a faster connection? During the order process you will be able to pick and choose the desired options.

Get the maximum from your online world.
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