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Configure and order your premium dedicated server to fit your needs

Your configuration


Total traffic

Need more traffic, or do you serve streaming/CDN services? Check out our unmetered servers with unlimited traffic.
The uplink speed is full-duplex (speeds are up&down simultaneously).
Local uplink
Fast and secure connectivity between your servers through a dedicated local uplink.
The uplink speed is full-duplex (speeds are up and down simultaneously).
Hardware firewall
An affordable all-in-one security solution for your needs.
This type of server can hold a maximum of 8 IPv4-addresses. Require even more IPv4-addresses? Please contact our sales team.


Operating system
All of our servers are 64-bit capable. The installations below are 64-bit, unless otherwise specified.
Operating systems capable of cPanel and/or DirectAdmin are indicated, as well as systems incapable of software RAID configurations.
Did not find the operating system you were looking for?
cPanel license
"Configure your internet web server for your clients with ease."
For more information about cPanel, visit
Available for select Operating Systems. Please select an appropriate Operating System.
DirectAdmin license
"Webhosting control panel - Powerful and easy to use."
For more information about DirectAdmin, visit
Available for select Operating Systems. Please select an appropriate Operating System.



Data storage
This type of server can hold a maximum of 4 HDD and/or SSD storage devices.
This type of server can hold a maximum of 3 PCI-E SSD storage devices.
Looking for a different configuration? Please contact our sales team.
Hard disk drives
Solid State Drives
PCI-Express Solid State drives

RAID configuration

Software RAID
Available for select Operating Systems. Please select an appropriate Operating System.
Hardware RAID

DDoS Shield

Need more DDoS protection? We can deliver up to 1Tbit/s DDoS protection. Contact our sales team and inquire about the possibilities. More information on our DDoS Shield.


Remote features
You are able to remotely turn on, (forcibly) reboot or reinstall your server via the My WorldStream panel.
With a KVM solution you will have access to your server from the moment it boots as if it were local.

Backup storage

Idera Backup Enterprise

We use Idera Backup Enterprise as a backup platform for both Unix and Windows. Your backups are safely stored on a server. The initial backup will be performed on block level once. After that, an incremental backup will be made every hour. It is possible to encrypt the backup for security.

ThreadStone Cyber Security

ThreadStone ThreadScan

ThreadStone offers maximum control over security on your systems and devices connected to the internet. A fully automated scan, developed especially for mid level businesses. Your systems and applications will be scanned monthly for optimal securty. Download the ThreadStone brochure for more information.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)
Here at WorldStream we do not believe in different levels of support, all clients deserve premium support on a 24/7/365 base. Therefore premium support (SLA) is included in on all our services. Our technical staff makes sure to answer your ticket with an average response time of 30 minutes.

Terms of payment

Discounts are applied to your bill when paying 3 months in advance or more.

Total: 39.00 per month
One-time: 0.00

Our promises

Support24/7 Support
Qualified Support Engineers are at your service 24/7. Does your issue involve 'Managed Support'? We will help solve this issue as well.
Uptime99.99% Uptime
Our qualified network team monitors the network to offer the highest availability and fastest network performance for our clients.
Tier3TIER3 Standards
The datacenters are built for TIER3 compliancy. Our company is ISO certified and our staff are LPI certified.
DDOS protectionDDoS Protection
We offer our standard protection to attacks up to 10Gbit/s for free. Protection up to 1Tbit/s is available.*
*This service is only available in the Netherlands.
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