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WorldStream levert als eerste ISP kosteloze ThreadScan beveiligingsscans bij elke verkochte server

From now on, every customer with a dedicated server hosted by WorldStream is given 3 scans for the opportunity to automatically check on vulnerabilities with ThreadScan from TheadStone Cyber Security. The customer will receive a total overview in security risks their servers has. With ThreadScan, WorldStream now helps its customers even better to protect their servers.

Internet security becomes more important every day. Every day you consistantly come across news articles regarding hacked servers or that sensitive information has been publically leaked. WorldStream and Threadstone consider it important to protect customers and helps them to have an overview of the security levels from dedicated servers rented at WorldStream. With this solution, WorldStream helps their customers to take appropriate measures on their servers.

In addition to the free scans WorldStream offers now, it was already possible to purchase a subscription of ThreadScan. In the portal of ThreadScan, customers can manage the security risks and tips and tricks are being offered to solve the risks.

This project has been established with the contribution which ThreadStone received from the HSD Development fund, which they won in 2014 with their project proposal of ThreadScan.

About WorldStream
WorldStream, founded in 2006, is a well-known internet service provider (ISP) which has thousands of customers from all over the world. The reason that customers from the USA, Germany, China, Spain and many more countries have chosen for WorldStream is because we are an organization with years of experience and highly trained and enthusiastic manpower which will always meet the requirements and demands for your business.
Our technical professionals help our very valued customers by creating the most secure hosting environment for their critical applications and services. One of the prior advantages of WorldStream is the unbeaten value for money ratio, that is why our hosting solutions always go with the most cost efficient manner.

WorldStream has proven to be a reliable hosting partner by growing more than 800% in the past 5 years and is still one of the fast growing hosting organizations in Europe.

About ThreadStone Cyber Security
ThreadStone Cyber Security aims to secure the European small and medium sized enterprises (SMEís) against digital cyber intrusion. ThreadStone therefore develops and supplies subscriptions that are easy accessible, priced attractive and easy to use. The services are delivered to the end-uses via indirect sales with hosting companies, insurers, IT infrastructure specialists and web-developers. ThreadStone is located at the HSD Campus in The Hague.

Winner HSD development fund
At the end of 2014, ThreadStone together with TNO and WorldStream has won the first prize of the HSD Development fund. In collaboration with TNO, the products of ThreadStone are continue innovated according to a clear roadmap to keep SMEís cyber-aware and cyber-protected.

01/05/2017 now live!

Our development team have been working tirelessly on the realization of a new customerpanel environment. Not only has the look-and-feel of the panel been altered, but many features have been added.

We proudly present you with and invite you to take a look around!

The following things have changed:
- The panel has been made responsive for mobile devices, allowing you to make changes from your handheld devices without the hassle of zooming in and out.
- The invoices have been given a make-over to better fit the new WorldStream look-and-feel.
- The 'I forgot my password' feature has been altered ensuring a safer way to reset your password when needed.

The following features have been added:
- You are now able to give servers an 'alias', allowing for easier identification of servers in your account.
- You are able to view the automated periodic invoices created by our system/staff.
- You are able to create tickets to our support staff, billing department or sales team directly from the new panel without having to open an email client to do so.
- A ThreadScan feature has been added for you or your users to test the servers, with three free credits per server. If you wish to add more credits or would like more information about ThreadScan, please use the new ticket system to contact us.

Even more features will be added in the future.


Core router addition

In order to improve the quality of our network we are planning a network maintenance on 12-04-2017 between 05.00 CEST and 08:00 CEST. We expect minor impact on some interfaces which could result in short bursts of high latency and small amounts of packet loss for a total of 10 minutes within this timeframe. During the maintenance we will add 2 additional core routers to our network to ensure further growth and extra redundancy.


100 Gbit/s connected!

In order to improve the quality of our network we have expanded our network even further with a new network provider. has been connected with 100 Gbit/s capacity. With this new network partner, the quality of connections to Eastern Europe and Russia are improved even further. RETN.NET also uses a very fast terrestrial route towards China and will be an excellent addition to our other network providers: Cogent, Level3 and Telia.

In the meantime we are continuously upgrading our peering capacity towards AMS-IX and direct interconnectivity to several providers.


Large connectivity and capacity upgrade of the WorldStream Network

Offering high quality global connectivity is one of our main priorities. This is exactly the reason why we have made two large upgrades in our network.

- Our Level3 interfaces have been upgraded to 100 Gbit/s. This upgrade will result in an even more stable network environment and next level global connectivity.

- A new premium transit provider has been added to the WorldStream network as well. A new 100 Gbit/s Telia Sonera port is now live and active on our core infrastructure. This major addition will improve the quality of our network and result in a higher standard of global connectivity.

Both upgrades have been initiated in order to offer all WorldStream customers the best hosting experience and a high quality and stable network.


100Gbit upgrade on our AMS-IX facing router interfaces

We are proud to announce our AMS-IX interfaces have been upgraded with 100G. The AMS-IX is one of the largest Internet Exchanges in the world which provides low latency peering sessions to your location, and for your customers.

WorldStream will keep working on its core network infrastructure in order to provide high quality services to you and your clients. During this year more transit partners will be added to our network in order to maintain our growth and quality of service.

Are you interested in one of our products, or have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us now. You can easily reach us on or initiate a chat session on


New payment methods

In order to provide our clients the most flexible and easy way of renting a server we have successfully implemented new payment portals: Itau, Neteller, POLi, Sofort and Giropay. By adding these payment methods we have added diversity to our available payment providers. Maybe this way of ordering a new server or paying (future) invoices suits your way of performing payments.

Need more information regarding these payment methods? Please visit and discover the possibilities.


WorldStream now accepts Alipay

In order to provide our clients the most flexible and easy way of renting a server we have successfully implemented a new payment portal, Alipay. By adding Alipay we have added diversity to our available payment providers focused on our Chinese customers. Maybe this way of ordering a new server suits your way of performing payments.

You can start using it now on for ordering new services.


Lenovo servers now available

We are proud to announce a new brand that has been submitted to our inventory. We have introduced the Lenovo ThinkServer® product line to our stock. We are offering the same quality support, hardware and services to our customers, to ensure you receive the best solution for the demands and services you require. WorldStream is now providing two new quality builds. The E3-1241v3 and E3-1276v3 make their introduction into the WorldStream merchandise and are ready to be put to the test!


10Gbit & 1Gbit Unmetered servers

From now on you can order one of our high quality dedicated servers including a 10Gbit or 1Gbit unmetered bandwith plan for your high volume hosting demands.

Your high volume server will be connected to the WorldStream high volume network. The high volume network has been configured including cost efficient transit providers. This high volume network includes at least one Tier1 transit provider. Because of this setup we can offer you the best and cost-efficient solution for your high volume hosting environment. Ideal for your mission critical and high volume hosting demands!


Idera Backup Storage

From this week, WorldStream now also offers storage backup for your most critical server data. We use Idera Backup Enterprise software for this service which supports both Linux as Windows servers. This very advanced backup storage offers alot of features to ensure the best protection for your backed up data. A complete initial backup will be made at the first connection after setting up the software. After this initial backup, an incremental backup will be made every hour. In case of a hard drive failure in your server, a bare metal restore is available to instantly restore the complete server backup on a new hard drive. After your data has been restored, your server will be back online within moments!

This backup storage service can be ordered while customizing your new server on our website.


Automatic balance payments

September 2013 WorldStream introduced the balance option in your account on With this balance option you are able to fund money to your account and complete invoices.

From today we introduce automatic invoice payments from this balance. With this option enabled, invoices will be paid automatically with the available balance one day before due. If you don't enable the option, invoices will not be paid automatically.

To add money to your balance and enable the automatic payments, login to your account on and go to Invoices.


Bitcoin payments

We are proud to announce that WorldStream is accepting Bitcoin payments since January 2014. These payments are handled by Bitpay. So order your server now and pay for it in Bitcoins!


WorldStream iPhone App now available

We hereby would like to introduce the WorldStream iPhone App which is now available in the Appstore of Apple: This third-party App is created by NSDGroup LLC ( with the help of our API. To login with the app, simply scan the QR-code which you can find at CustomerPanel under My Account when an API key is generated.


Increase of VAT

The government of The Netherlands have agreed to raise the VAT to 21% on products sold to private persons within the European Union starting from 1 October 2012 (01-10-2012). That means that if you pay 19% VAT to us at this moment, that the VAT will be 21% for every new invoice that is created after 30 September 2012. Customers outside the European Union or businesses in the European Union with a valid VAT number are excluded from VAT.