Special Server Deals
Special Server Deals. Servers for the lowest prices!

These dedicated servers are called Special Deal Servers because of their low prices. All servers have the same advantages as our default servers but with a lower price tag. Be sure to order them fast, because once sold they will disappear from this page.

Choose your server
CPUMemoryDriveTrafficPrice p/m
AMD X2 2402GB RAM250GB5 TB€ 7.50More info/order
Intel Celeron G16204GB RAM500GB5 TB€ 9.99More info/order
Intel C2D E72002GB DDR2250GB10 TB€ 19.00More info/order
AMD X2 2404GB RAM500GB10 TB€ 19.00More info/order
Intel C2D E85002GB RAM500GB10 TB€ 20.00More info/order
AMD X2 78504GB RAM500GB10 TB€ 22.00More info/order
Intel C2D E84004GB RAM500GB10 TB€ 22.00More info/order
Intel C2D E84004GB500GB 10 TB€ 22.00More info/order
AMD X2 2402GB RAM500GB 10 TB€ 24.00More info/order